SPLATTERED INC. is a one of a kind Art Gallery that features modern art, and encourages all artistic talent including music and literature.

Owned and operated by Artist Kari Martin, the Gallery keeps a very upbeat scene and appreciates the art of difference!  

The main focus inside the Gallery, is not only to share, sell and display art and the work of others, but to contibute locally to teens and young adults.   With a background in Art Therapy, and an Artist herself, introducing  "The Loiter Zone" to the Gallery was a way to interact and work with these teens to encourage progress in art through a variety of programs.  It gives them a place to learn new techniques, develop teamwork and social skills, and create amazing pieces together.  Not just through visual art but, theatre, poetry, and music,  it focuses and encourages the experience in the world of expressionism and to just be yourself!

The world of Abstract Art can creatively inspire us and add free expression that portrays to so many creative emotions.  Splattered Inc. is all about this difference and expressing what we see and who we are.  We set no boundaries to what we display in the Gallery, only that it is repectful and as bold as the artist who created it!  We are always looking for new submissions, no matter what your age, experience or background.  If you are interested in showcasing your work, please email us at info@splatteredinc.ca
If you have any questions, please contact us at anytime.   Even better, come on down and check out our one of a kind hot spot!!!

Cheers and Happy Splattering!


Our Staff

Artist/ Art Therapist/ Owner

Kari has an incredible love for Expressionalism!! 
Her work has been showcased throughout  various  Galleries in both Alberta and British Columbia, and has always remained involved within the Art Community.   Her passion to teach opened her first Studio in 2010, in which she taught solo to over 80 students.  It was then with the addition and certification into Art Therapy and her increasing desire to reach out in her community, she accepted a new opportunity and location for her Studio and Gallery in High River!   Her Energy and talent is already shown thorought the community and will continue to do so with her talent and love for Art!

Stephanie Norby

Steph is a self taught artist and DIY'er from Calgary.  She has taught a number of craft and art classes for both children and adults.  She has a passion for re-purposing, up-cycling and making art that inspires others to try something new!!

We are excited to have her on our team, as her skills and creativity are out of this world!!

Elisa Friesen

A freelance artist in Okotoks, Alberta Elisa works in digital, ink, watercolor, and acrylic/mixed media on canvas. She is primarily known for her digital poster art for Late Night at the Plaza in Calgary, and her mixed media marine life and portrait paintings.

“I’m self-taught and I’m constantly learning new techniques and refining my existing skills. I loved to draw as a kid. After taking art classes in 2001 in University and receiving only conceptual, rather than technical, instruction, I became deeply discouraged and assumed that I could never be successful in art, and I stopped creating for several years. I only started again in 2013, when I took a portrait class from Ashley Gaboury! Drawing and creativity should be treated as a muscle that everyone can train and develop, not as something ethereal that only certain special “artists” are born with. Because of my decade away from drawing, which stemmed from the painful implication that art was not for me,  I feel strongly about helping others develop their artistic side, and to show them that art is for everyone.”

Christi Tims
Artist/ Teacher

Christi has been creating since childhood. She has a university degree in art and education, and worked for several years as a high school teacher, teaching art, photography and dance.  Christi is now a full time practicing artist, and makes a living teaching classes and Paint Parties to all ages. Christi works mostly with acrylics, pastel, pencil and pencil crayons. She has exhibits and displays in shops around the Foothills areas, and her own specialty art includes off-road vehicles, painted wineglasses, and now sugar skulls. Christi is excited to be a part of the Splattered Inc team, and inspiring the next generation of artists!